Babies’ Rights

Babies’ Rights Poster


“Characterising the Principles of Professional Love in the Early Years”: Jools Page 

“The Hundred Languages of Children”: Carolyn Edwards, Lella Gandini and George Forman (Editors) Loris Malaguzzi 

“Listening to Young Children – The Mosaic Approach”: Clark & Moss 

“The Scientist in The Crib”: Alison Gopnik 

“Why Love Matters”: Sue Gerhardt 

“The Baby Room Project”: Kathy Goouch & Sacha Powell 

“Whose hand Rocks the Cradle?” : Kathy Goouch & Sacha Powell

EEF Early Years Evidence Store


Babies have the right to have their feelings acknowledged

Links to teaching awareness of feelings and emotions

Babies have the right to a loving relationship/ be responded to as a unique individual

Links to relationship skills

Babies have a right to have their voice respected/have mindful care/consistent care and education

Links to promoting self-care

Communication and Language

Babies have the right to inspiring learning experiences and playful conversations

Links to interactive reading

Links to collaborative talk

Help for EYs providers

DfE EYs Child Development training

Babies have the right to experience natural space – to be under the sky/babies have the right to unrestricted movement

Module 5: Supporting PD in the Early Years

All Babies rights link to EYFS Statutory Framework – 4 themes: Unique Child + Positive Relationships + Enabling Environments = Learning and Development

All Babies Rights link to Development Matters 7 Key Features of Effective Practice

All Babies Rights link to EYPDP Communication and Language/PSED

📢 New Blog Post: The Magic of Emerging Literacy in the Early Years by Ali Carrington - How Do We Crack the Literacy Code With Brain Magic?
📢 New Blog Post: The Magic of Emerging Literacy in the Early Years by Ali Carrington