• Making a Difference to Children Disadvantaged Through Poverty by Simone Barnes
    The term disadvantage is one that is well known amongst early years professionals. The children’s commissioner describes it as “a term used to describe children facing barriers to success” but also acknowledges that the definition comes with complexities due to the many ways it can manifest itself. Despite the complexity of the definition, there is no doubt that we have a vital role in tackling disadvantage in the early years. Here, our focus will be on those disadvantaged through poverty.
  • Are We Aware of Babies’ Scientific and Mathematical Thinking? By Elizabeth Carruthers
    Dr Elizabeth Carruthers is a researcher and author. Her main research interests are leadership, teacher practitioner research and she has published extensively on early mathematics. Her work on Children’s Mathematical Graphics along with her co-author, Dr. Maulfry Worthington, was recognised by the Department of Education, Williams Review of Early Years and Primary Mathematics. Elizabeth was… Read more: Are We Aware of Babies’ Scientific and Mathematical Thinking? By Elizabeth Carruthers
  • The Magic of Emerging Literacy in the Early Years by Ali Carrington
    With over 25 years of experience in early education, Ali Carrington delves into the critical role of communication and language in fostering a lifelong love for learning through play. The blog post highlights the importance of creating engaging and supportive environments that cater to children’s developmental needs, emphasising evidence-based approaches like storytelling, sound-letter mapping, and interactive reading to unlock the ‘magic code’ of literacy. Ali’s insights offer educators valuable strategies to inspire and motivate young learners on their path to becoming proficient readers and writers.
  • The Power of Inquiry – Adopting a Culture of Practitioner Research and Evidence-informed Practice by Jacqui Lewis
    Do you want to learn how to create a culture of inquiry in your early years setting? Do you want to explore the power of practitioner research and evidence-informed practice? Do you want to hear from an expert in the field of inclusive early childhood education? In this blog post, Jacqui Lewis shares her insights and experiences on these topics.
  • Connection and Core Stories: How Storytelling Can Support Settling by Louise Scott
    I wonder if you can remember your favourite story as a child? Even better, can you remember how it made you feel? Who was reading it with you? I loved stories. Reading them, writing them… they provided a creative outlet for my uncertain feelings and enormous imagination! Nowadays, I spend far less time reading stories than I’d like to. But I do notice that as adults, we never really stop telling ourselves stories…



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