Early Ambitions

Leading Inspiring Provision for 2 year olds

Early Ambitions is a progressive leadership programme of 10 monthly CPD sessions. The programme covers many aspects of leading and inspiring provision for 2 year olds including the importance of attachment led practice, creating an empowering environment, authentic relationships with parents and health providers, the role language plays with learning and the importance of physical activity. Bristol Early Years Teaching Hub (BEYTH) is currently running this programme with Bristol Early Years, with 24 settings and aspiring leaders in Bristol.

The aims of the programme are for participants:

  • To be able to understand, develop and provide high quality and effective pedagogy for 2-year-olds
  • To develop leadership confidence and role as an advocate for the moral purpose of providing the best for 2-year-olds
  • To strengthen attachment-led practice in their setting, including the importance of brain development for emotional well-being and relationships
  • To participate in impactful setting-based research.

Breakdown of Sessions

Early Ambitions breakdown

Key Components

  • The 4 themes of EYFS run through the programme – unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments, learning and development
  • There is a focus on narrowing the gap – diversity, inclusivity, equity and belonging
  • Specialist leaders in education facilitate high quality, interactive CPD sessions that inspire reflective discussion and critical thinking
  • Research mentors support action research and reflective practice, and a learning community is developed
  • A Toolkit of research and resources is provided
  • There are links to statutory guidance, EYFS reforms
  • Resilience and recovery are a focus throughout.

It has been so helpful to be able to be a part of something like this and to highlight things that I could be doing differently and things I can share with my team to better all of us. It was very informative and I took a lot away from this which has been amazing.

Refreshed my previous knowledge of EAAs and PACE. Made me want to find out more about 5 to thrive. Reminded myself that I AM a valuable resource (needed to hear this lately!) It has reminded me why I do what I do with the children. Validated my own practice and re-enthused myself. Will benefit the children!

It made me think about the attachments and relationships that 2 years have and what we are doing well as a setting and what we could improve. It was great to hear of what other settings are doing which I will take back.

I will be looking into the attachment pledge, as we are very aware of how Covid has had an effect on our new starter children. I feel that this is something that will be recognised and appreciated to help some of our parents feel like the relationships we are building with the children are really being considered, valued and invested in.

The format was fantastic. It was engaging throughout and allowed plenty of time for conversations through group discussion, reflection and for a great explanation into many relevant topics.

If you are a local authority, academy trust or nursery chain that would be interested in us running a development programme for you then contact: anna.kawar@bristol-schools.uk

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