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The Magic of Emerging Literacy in the Early Years by Ali Carrington

With over 25 years of experience in early education, Ali Carrington delves into the critical role of communication and language in fostering a lifelong love for learning through play. The blog post highlights the importance of creating engaging and supportive environments that cater to children’s developmental needs, emphasising evidence-based approaches like storytelling, sound-letter mapping, and interactive reading to unlock the ‘magic code’ of literacy. Ali’s insights offer educators valuable strategies to inspire and motivate young learners on their path to becoming proficient readers and writers.

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Launch of the Much Anticipated Eight to Relate

Bristol Early Years and Bristol Early Years Teaching Hub are very excited to launch the much anticipated PSED audit tool, Eight to Relate. We hope that Early Years managers, leaders and practitioners in Bristol will join us for an evening at Engineers House.

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SPH Highlights and What’s Coming Up in 2024

We can’t quite believe that we have been a Stronger Practice Hub for just over one year now! Recently we have been reflecting on our journey and achievements and we’d like to share with you a few highlights and tell you about what’s coming up in the new year.

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The Power of Inquiry – Adopting a Culture of Practitioner Research and Evidence-informed Practice by Jacqui Lewis

Do you want to learn how to create a culture of inquiry in your early years setting? Do you want to explore the power of practitioner research and evidence-informed practice? Do you want to hear from an expert in the field of inclusive early childhood education? In this blog post, Jacqui Lewis shares her insights and experiences on these topics.

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Connection and Core Stories: How Storytelling Can Support Settling by Louise Scott

I wonder if you can remember your favourite story as a child? Even better, can you remember how it made you feel? Who was reading it with you? I loved stories. Reading them, writing them… they provided a creative outlet for my uncertain feelings and enormous imagination! Nowadays, I spend far less time reading stories than I’d like to. But I do notice that as adults, we never really stop telling ourselves stories…

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Supporting Your Team to Embrace Neurodiversity by Ruth Glover

Being a leader of an early years setting at the moment is not an easy job. Staff retention and recruitment is challenging not to mention making funding and fees stretch to cover costs. Add in ‘covid’ children, cuts in support services that may have supported us in the past and we are in the middle of a perfect storm.

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📢 New Blog Post: The Magic of Emerging Literacy in the Early Years by Ali Carrington - How Do We Crack the Literacy Code With Brain Magic?
📢 New Blog Post: The Magic of Emerging Literacy in the Early Years by Ali Carrington