Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk is a research scientist fascinated by babies’ innate capacity to communicate.

Since 1993, she has been based at the University of Dundee, Scotland, within the School of Psychology, where she now holds an honorary post. In 2011, she stepped away from full-time academic work in order to set up her own independent training enterprise to disseminate what she calls the Science of Connection. Humans beings are born connected, and as a species, we have a physiological need for emotional connection in order to lead happy, healthy lives. Suzanne thought the public deserved to understand the science that gives depth to these insights. In 2014, she expanded her reach by founding the organisation connected baby, which enabled her team to create events and resources that support her message.

We estimate that, in the past 10 years, well over 100,000 people have heard her speak live, and many more have watched videos or read her books and blogs. Suzanne brings to her work her awareness of the latest discoveries on infant communicative capacities and brain development, as well as her own research expertise on parent-infant relationships and the socio-political contexts within which scientific information emerges.

Suzanne now works closely with organisations throughout the world, holding on to the same goal with which she set out: We need to increase awareness of the decisions we take about caring for children because they are integrally connected to our vision for the kind of society we wish to build.

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