National Study Days

What is a Study Day?

Arrange one of our bespoke study days for your team.

This is a hugely popular form of professional development and our National Teaching School and other Bristol Nursery Schools have welcomed visitors from all over the UK and beyond.

During a Study Day you can:

  • Engage in a Learning Walk and tour of the Nursery and Centre and get involved in what we are doing
  • Discuss in a relaxed atmosphere any topics of your choice with up to 3 members of staff who will be available to you throughout the day
  • Engage in reciprocal provocative learning conversations, in an inclusive environment. There will be lots of opportunities for questions throughout the day
  • Have time to explore our vision, values, ethos, documentation, polices and practice

The nursery based hosts are highly qualified and experienced, they lead professional development for others in the authority and nationally. As National Teaching Schools we also have particular expertise in Research, Leadership Development, Initial Teacher training and have developed interesting models of collaboration with the Local Authority as partners in School Improvement.

Please note we have limited availability for large groups (over 10 people) this year.


St Pauls Nursery School & Children’s Centre

Specialisms: Supporting Emotional Wellbeing, Creative Curriculum, Cultural Competency, Leadership, Communication and Language, family Support Services

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Redcliffe Children’s Centre

Specialisms: Innovative Play Opportunities, Early Years Mathematics
Outdoor Education in our immediate outdoor area, within the City and in Wild spaces and Experimental cookery

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£80 pp includes information pack, lunch and refreshments.

Group rates are also available.

Please contact the Nursery Schools directly to arrange a study day, designed to meet your needs.

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📢 New Blog Post: The Magic of Emerging Literacy in the Early Years by Ali Carrington