Why Choose This Early Years ITT Course?

Teaching in the Early Years is complex as young children need experiences and provision that support their development as well as their learning. We are looking for trainees who share our passion for Early Years education.  

Birth to seven are the crucial years of children’s learning and development. We believe every child deserves the best start in life and needs a firm foundation from which to grow and thrive. 

Young children are relationship builders and thrive on warm positive relationships and attachments with reliable, loving adults. Young children are creative thinkers and problem solvers. They investigate the world using all of their senses and have an intrinsic desire to express themselves and their ideas verbally or in other ways. 

Therefore, young children deserve to learn and develop alongside thoughtful, emotionally intelligent adults who are attuned to them. 

Our course is underpinned by the principles of the EYFS and evidence-based research. 

You will learn about how the unique child, positive relationships, the enabling learning environment lead to learning and development. 

All our placement settings are judged as good or outstanding. Our nursery schools provide outstanding provision for all children. 

“I specifically chose an Early Years course because I have worked in various Early Years settings and have loved my experience supporting children to grow and develop. I feel within Early Years children make so much progress every day and every day you can learn with the children as they share their new and exciting knowledge and skills. I chose Bristol EYs Teaching Hub because I have previously attended training within the setting and felt the training was hugely informative and useful and I could really get a feel for the environment that is created and the values within the centre.” 

“My passion lies in Early Years and from your website I knew that this would continue as you specialise in Early Years practice.” 

“I feel that I have more experience working in the early year sector and can support the younger age children in a better way. Early Years Hub was the best opportunity for me to receive training as I have researched about their outstanding provision and expertise in the Early Year sector.” 

“My training has provided me with a unique opportunity to see theory in practice, enabling me to reflect, discuss and develop my personal practice.”  

To Apply

To apply: Primary (3-7) (P516) with Cabot Learning Federation SCITT 

More information is on the CLF website including:  

  • Programme Features
  • Application process 
  • Financial Information 
  • Eligibility 

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