PSED Bundle

We know that Early Years settings are struggling with supporting children’s PSED development, behaviour and wellbeing in the aftermath of Covid.

We know that there is a staffing crisis in the EYs, and it’s very difficult to release staff for training.

Our PSED training is in small chunks online. You can book individual sessions or the PSED Bundle.

Conflict Resolution on 26th January, 4-6pm

“Dealing with conflict in this way will ensure that the children are at the centre of our problem-solving.  Thus empowering the children and supporting them to develop their skills and self-regulation.”

Emotion Coaching to Support Self-Regulation on 31st January, 4-6pm

“I learnt about the importance of understanding behaviour as a way children communicate their feelings, and the importance of being genuinely empathetic.”

Introduction to Trauma and Adversity on 7th February, 4-6pm

“Beneath every behaviour, there is a feeling. And beneath every feeling there is a need. And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour, we begin to deal with the cause.”

Ashleigh Warner, Psychotherapist

Communication, Language and Literacy

Covid has also impacted on children’s communication, language and literacy development.  We have two courses coming up, one online and one face to face, to support EYs practitioners.

Exploring Stories and Books on 9th February, 4-6pm online

This lively session will explore the magic of books as a powerful tool for learning and provide lots of recommendations for new children’s literature and non-fiction books to inspire and motivate.

What Comes Before Phonics? On 27th February, 1-5pm face-to-face

A child’s journey to becoming a reader and writer starts with listening to and playing with the sounds around them. This session will consider what children need before they start learning letters and sounds at school.

Guest Trainer

We are very excited to welcome Kerry Murphy as Guest Trainer for BEYTH, as she focuses on:

Developing Neurodiversity-Informed Practice in the EYS on 23rd February 4-6pm online

Understanding developmental differences (neurodivergence) can help us move away from traditional deficit narratives that view children as problems to be fixed or cured. This webinar introduces neurodiversity in an accessible way and provides key strategies that can be translated to practice, to help to develop strengths-based approaches that are empowering for children identified with special educational needs (SEN) in the early years.

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